Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

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Comprehensive Data recovery london services

It can frustrating to loss valuable data. Data is why you use a computer. If your PC or aMac drive has experienced a failure make sure to contact highly experience apple mac data recovery services provider. At LaptopTechs. we have software and procedures put in place specifically for recovering data from PC and Apple mac computers. See how we can help you recover your deleted data or accidentaly lost data. Continue reading


Computer upgrades

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Slow pc – slow computers – fix slow computer

Almost all latest greatest supper games can make even a new  laptop or Desktop computer sluggish. That is because modern state-of-the-art computer games are the most resource demanding applications. They require certain amount of memory, processing power, speed and graphics power to display those detailed fast moving screen graphics. See how to improve your computer speed Continue reading

Computer virus / Spyware

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Laptop virus removal London

Is your computer moving slow, painfully dragging its feet? It could have picked us a virus or other type of malicious software along the way. Have the infection removed as soon as possible. Delaying could lead to your computer running slow, data security issues or your valuable data could be lost. When you have a virus or spyware, just have them removed as soon as you notice the virus on your computer. See how we have been helping our customers protect their computers from virus infections. Continue reading